Advertising online with is your most effective way to reach out directly to the local community. Our advertising solutions are affordable, powerful, and immediate. Our site is Johnstown’s only community driven online web portal allowing visitors to submit their information and stories directly.

It‘s a simple truth that advertisers must go where consumers are in order to reach them, and where consumers are going is online. The internet has become an essential component of any ad campaign. We provide you the best opportunity to reach potential customers in our local market by continuing to update our site, with submissions from local residents along with our staff, offering you the strongest advantage in our market. will deliver an ad campaign that will show proven results.

Our Success attracts over eight thousand (8,000+) unique sessions monthly.  As of August 2017, Our page is reaching over 225,000 people per month and is connected to over 10,250 people.

Update: October 2017 – We are now connnected to more than 12,000 people via newsletter & 11,250 people on Facebook!

How do I know if advertising works?

We provide you with the tools needed to check and accurately record daily, monthly, & yearly statistics including:

  • Impressions
  • Unique Sessions
  • PageViews
  • Search Terms
  • Google Rankings

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