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Vision 2025 Resource Marketing Capture Team Hard at Work

Vision 2025 Resource Marketing Capture Team Hard at Work

The Resource Marketing Capture team held their monthly meeting at the Feeder Canal Building on Monday, July 11th. The team had a lively discussion of the various ways Johnstown and its existing resources can be marketed. As with anything in Johnstown, there were many opinions, but we all agreed that Johnstown is a great place to live and needs to be marketed so that our residents and people outside of our region get to know that. Now comes the tough part – figuring out all the good stuff we want people to know and creating the Johnstown Brand.
The team, made up completely of volunteers from the community, will be meeting again in August and we’re sure to have another another lively discussion.

Vision 2025 is a community-based effort that has created a vision around bettering our community through a strategic focus around three core areas: a vibrant local economy, life-sustaining landscapes, and a strong sense of community, all guided by an inclusive good governance model.

Visioning is the first step in seeing where to go and deciding how to get there. It’s working in large places such as Pittsburgh and in smaller Pennsylvania communities such as Media. Now is the time for Johnstown.

The project team gathered information and input from a number of sources, including a community priority survey conducted through the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat in September of 2014, community planning documents, interviews with over two dozen community leaders and facilitated listening sessions with over 100 additional community members.

Read the strategic vision document detailing Carnegie Mellon’s findings: http://issuu.com/cfalleghenies/docs/vision_2025_strategic_vision_with_a/1

Sign up to volunteer: http://getconnected.uwlaurel.org/

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