I am sure that everybody is aware that Kernville is a neighborhood on the rise. The new Tech Park is just one symbol of the revitalization of a neighborhood that once housed some of Johnstown’s most prominent citizens. If you have ever taken any time to look at the houses along Napoleon and Somerset streets you will notice the beauty of these homes. It was not all that long ago that a large portion of the Steel Mill bosses resided in Kernville. It is great to see businesses moving in to this proud community and the people of the neighborhood improvement team deserve a lot of the credit for this. I am quite sure that when the team was formed and the progress was mentioned there were a lot of skeptical people out there, but the proof is in the progress and businesses are following the Greater Johnstown Water authority down into this district.

In addition to that there is a move to make this an artistic community for artists to live in and do their work.

There are also two big assets to the recreational community that reside in Kernville. They are the YMCA and the YWCA. Both organizations are fantastic and do much for our community. Whether it is getting swim lessons, (Is there anyone who didn’t learn to swim at one of the Y’s) working out, playing in a rec league, swimming or hanging out at midnight basketball the Y’s have impacted many Johnstown citizens. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The YWCA is very active with young woman in our town and the YMCA has the marathon, summer camps, and the United Way campaign.

The progress at the YMCA under Sharon Jones and the ability of The YWCA to stay afloat is both impressive and vital to the health and wellness of our community.

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