Windber was first settled in 1897 and Incorporated in the summer of 1900. Founded on the Industries of Coal Mining and production of Lumber, Windber is home to a very hardworking history. The town was founded by The Berwind Coal Company and named after the owner’s last name. During the prosper times of the Coal Industry, Windber was home to over 9000 people. Currently, just over 4300 people live in Windber and it is home to all sorts of local establishments including Jerley Auto Body, The Windber Hotel, Cover Chevrolet (Formerly GAP Chevrolet), Rizzo’s Restaurant, Mimo’s Pizza, and Windber Medical Center.

Windber is also the host of the Annual Windber Rumbles event which was formerly known as the “Windber Dog Run”. The event is to be held September 11th & 12th 2009 with Pre-Registration at the Windber Community Building on September 11th.

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