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Help save a life – McNally Bridge


A user of our’s contributed a piece of content today that we felt compelled to share. The post is a change.org petition started by Katrina Custer. The petition signed by over 700 people encourages PA representatives to help save lives on Mcnally Bridge.

“The McNally Bridge that carries route 219 over the Stonycreek River is roughly 1,388 feet long and 192 feet high and has unfortunately been a prime spot for those struggling with the decision to end their lives. On public forums, time and time again the people of Somerset and Cambria counties ask the same question “Why doesn’t someone do something about this?”.

Including representatives for Pennsylvania as our target audience, join me in indicating that something must be done with the McNally Bridge. Suggestions include constructing a fence around the bridge, installing signs for suicide hotline numbers and words of hope, and painting the bridge with local artist’s work to create a place that reminds others that even strangers care.

In showing strength in numbers, let’s make the push for something to be done. Saving just one life would be worth the effort!”

Katrina, we agree with you! One life is worth the effort.

To Sign the petition visit:


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