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Richland High School Graduate Wins 10k Scholarship

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Every year Taco Bell awards scholarships in two separate categories. They select 55 restaurant employees nationally. Most get smaller prizes such as $5,000. Only a select few get $10,000. The selection process is through videos that are submitted.

In May 2017 Bryana Appley, a Richland high school graduate, submitted a 2 minute video of her passion – the art of performing and helping people. Fortunately, her video not only got selected, but she became 1 of 3 in the entire nation of restaurant employees who were awarded $10,000.

10k scholarship
Bryana receives 10k Scholarship from Taco Bell

Bryana’s parents met in an 80’s band called Cheyenne; her dad was the drummer and her mom was the singer. It’s safe to say she comes from a musical family and was raised around music her whole life. It is apparent her love for music is innate.

Bryana’s accomplishments

  • Started singing at the age of 2
  • 4th Grade – Learned how to play the violin
  • 7th Grade – Self-taught herself guitar and piano
  • Senior Year – Composed an entire string arrangement that my school’s orchestra played at the spring concert
  • 2017 – Over 22 original songs that incorporate all 3 instruments.

“It wasn’t until I started working at Taco Bell that I realized my real passion in life –  helping people and inspiring others. My music allows me to do just that. I really hope to bring my best to the table and make it big in music someday. I want my lyrics and melodies to positively impact millions so I can help people in many ways. Taco Bell gave me the very first step of encouragement I needed because they believed in me and for that I am eternally grateful.  I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of my general manager/close friend Nicki Kinley, as well as the area coach, Mike who pushed me towards great customer service and satisfaction ratings. Taco Bell truly cares about their employees’ futures which I think is wonderful.”

Johnstown.com would like to congratulate Bryana and wish her luck in all that she does! Don’t forget about your roots when you become big and famous 🙂

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